Ventilation installations posing health and safety dangers


A new report has helped to highlight the dangers of mechanical ventilation.

Research carried out by Prism & Waverton Analytics, and commissioned by BEAMA, revealed that incorrectly installed ventilation systems can are linked to poor health.

The study assessed the levels of Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) concentrations in over 120 UK homes.

It found that TVOCS, which are often present in mould, and aerosol cans have been known to cause respiratory problems in 19p per cent of the population.

Worryingly, due to the mistakes in installing ventilation systems, it is thought that as many as 91 per cent of homes contained levels above the recommended concentrations.

Just nine per cent of properties had no more than the recommended levels.

Commenting on the findings, Kelly Butler, marketing director of BEAMA, said: “Currently, only two per cent of the UK have mechanical ventilation systems installed throughout their homes which is concerning given this data.

“If only two per cent of homes have continuous vent systems, and 91 per cent are outside of normal conditions, that means even our leaky homes are causing problems let alone newer airtight dwellings. If people are exposed to high concentrations of VOCs over long periods of time, even non-chemically sensitive individuals can be susceptible to the associated serious health risks.”

As a result of the findings, BEAMA is calling for a greater drive towards improving the quality of ventilation and installation procedures in British homes.

It has also launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of effective ventilation in properties.

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