Plumbing tips for the winter


The weather is rapidly getting colder, with Britain predicted to face its coldest and wettest winter on record.

Analysts also predict that much of the UK will be impacted by further floods and snowfall as the cooler weather sets in.

This means that many homes, particularly those in flood-prone areas, will need to prepare in advance for the destructive effect that this could have on their homes.

The fallout from Hurricane Gonzalo has already seen stormy weather and gale-force winds affecting much of the country and this is only set to get worse over the coming weeks.

This will undoubtedly place the plumbing systems and pipework of many homes under significant pressure and leave a number of properties without adequate heating or hot water.

In the last week alone, there has been severe flooding in Hampshire, while both Devon and Wales have been hit by powerful winds of up to 93 mph and 75 mph respectively.

However, with a little bit of preparation, you can prevent your home from sustaining damage caused by these inevitable seasonal changes.

Follow our top tips below to ensure that your home has the maximum protection:

Insulate pipes

One of the biggest causes of flooding in the winter is burst or frozen pipes. These can be an absolute nightmare for many householders, and in the worst cases, cause extensive damage to their homes and shut down their entire heating systems.

However, by insulating your pipes, you can prevent problems from potentially occurring or getting worse.

Check your boilers

With snow expected to cover much of the UK over the next few months, the last thing you want is for your boiler to break down when your area is covered in 3 inches of snow.

Not only will it be much more costly and difficult to get a plumber out to see you, it will also be a major inconvenience and leave you without heating and hot water when you need it the most.

Therefore, in order to prevent this problem from occurring, you should definitely enlist in the services of a local a heating engineer in Leicester, to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Heat your home on a low setting

In order to make it easier to heat your home quickly in the winter, we recommend that you leave the heating on low in rooms where the mains pipe supplies neighbouring flats.
If you know you will be going away for a few weeks, then make sure you have someone who can regularly check for any problems.

Check plumbing

Rather than waiting for problems to occur in the home, carry out a quick check of the taps, pipes, dishwashers radiators, toilets, fixtures and fittings throughout your home to ensure they are in good working order. If you notice any problems, call in a plumber in Leicester right away.

Check gas appliances

We highly recommend calling in a heating engineer to ensure that gas fires, ovens and flues are safe and are functioning correctly. If not checked regularly, gas appliances can become potentially dangerous. With the winter weather expected to hit much of the UK hard, then you really do not want to face the possibility of any delays should you experience a problem with your gas equipment.

For more tips and advice about how to prepare your home for the winter, contact one of our plumbers or heating engineers for more information, by calling ComCat on 01530 510 525.


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